Practising yoga regularly makes us become more aware of our body and what we put inside it, encouraging us to think more carefully about what we eat and our overall health. Not only will a healthy diet and lifestyle make us feel better but it is so important for us to be aware of how our bodies react to certain things such as food or emotions.

It is particularly useful to know what and when to eat for yoga. The best advice is to ensure you always have a wholesome breakfast to kick start your metabolism and give you the energy for the day.

For early morning yoga it is best on an empty stomach and avoid stimulants like coffee. After class a healthy breakfast of fresh fruit and museli is a good choice.

For afternoon/evening yoga try to avoid any food 2 hours prior to class. In yoga we contract muscles and a full stomach would feel uncomfortable. It is advisable to eat after class and try to eat a light meal for dinner high in protein. Avoid eating dinner late, eating before 7pm will allow your body to digest before bedtime.


Books to inspire you to cook healthy food.

I love to cook and experiment with food and subscribe to Food magazines for regular inspiration. Right now I am taking tips from a few different books.

Right now I'm loving the LEON Ingredients and Recipes book aswell as the Smoothies, Juices and Cocktails book. Some of the recipes remind me of the wholesome and tasty dishes we eat in Morocco on our retreats.

Look out for the amazing 'Gabriel's Green Smoothie' packed full of goodness and tastes so good.

The Paleo Diet by Daniel Green is also a winner with fantastic healthy meals designed to encourage a diet full of natural ingredients. Basically cutting out all processed foods and anything that doesn't grow or bred on this planet.


30 day challenge E-Book

I have put together a 30 day challenge that includes 30 days of healthy eating recipes and daily yoga and Pilates exercies. This challange is not designed as a diet but as a kick start to a healthy lifetsyle. If you are interested in buying the E-book for just £10 please visit my shop to purchase.

Alternatively read my blog or follow my facebook page for daily tips and recipes to use at home.

avo treat
raspberry energy balls

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