Learn to love yourself

Learn to love yourself by Holly Cooper Yoga

Shine for who you are!

Do you often feel like your body is stressing you out? You can’t stand to glimpse in the mirror? We are all our own worst critic, constantly listening to that little voice in our head that tells us we aren’t good enough.

We all get this from time to time, it’s normal to feel down now and again about your body, no one is perfect but what’s important is learning how to manage it, accept who you are. Not to let our negative self thought’s effect us as whole. So whenever you start to say to yourself  ”I hate myself’” or  “I look awful today” take some of these simple steps to help make some positive changes.

-Start with long deep breaths, yes it’s that simple. Just take a step back and breath to allow your mind to calm, in turn this will relax you and prevent anymore negative thoughts from spiralling out of control.

-See the positive not the negative, we all pin point our least favourite body parts but this doesn’t get us anywhere. I’ve often looked at other women and wished I had their long slim legs but that will never happen, instead I try to remind myself that my legs are strong and that’s what makes me capable of running, taking part in adventurous sports. It’s important to remember that it’s not what our bodies look like that matters but that we are lucky to have what we have and be able to do what we do.

-Stop comparing yourself to others, we are all different, if we weren’t the world would be a boring place.

- Look up to those who inspire you- for all the poeple in your lives that do good in the world, in your life or in the community take a note of what they do. For all the actions they perform and lives they transform, if you admire them consider whether their appearance was important to their success and accomplishments.

-Keep fit, a healthy body = healthy mind. When you keep moving and exercise regularly you will enhance your shape, improve your mood and ease anxiety. However, it’s best not to exercise to obtain certain body results or just to lose weight, try different things, find  an activity that you enjoy, that makes you feel good and therefore enhances your mood. Team sports are a great way to also socialise whilst also keeping fit, get out there and find what’s right for you. Of course don’t forget yoga, the wonderful discipline that will encourage you to get out of your head and into your body, move and breath to let go of all the unnecessary stuff we hold onto.

-Tune into your creative side, creativity is something many of us have forgotten how to express. However everybody has a creative impulse in them, whether it’s to bake a cake, make music, arrange flowers, paint or sow all of these will get you using your hands, get artistic, break routines. Feel exhilarated and set your spirit free.

-Eat well, Sleep well, feel well, diet and sleep will play an important role in your mood so be sure to get all the hours in on the pillow and eat a varied and nutritious diet. When our digestive system is sluggish it effects our navel energy centre manipura which is directly linked to our self esteem, courage and will power. We need a healthy diet to encourage good sleep and also the energy to exercise. My 30 day healthy eating E-book can help you or my ‘Sleep Easy’ 4 week Yoga course. Visit my shop to purchase or book a course with me.

-Love yourself, it’s down to you to look and feel your best, no one can love and take good care of your body more than you can. Remember your body is a precious gift and your negative thoughts will only off load horrible chemicals from the brain into the body, rather put your attention on your unique qualities, strengths, skills and core values.

Don’t feel hopeless, don’t feel unworthy or no good, start to make little changes to help deal with these negative emotions and turn your world upside down for the better.

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